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Vote for Your Favorite Toy

The Children's Museum in Indianapolis is wanting your vote for the top 20 toys that impacted your brain the most growing up.

Make sure your favorite toy wins. Click here to vote now.

The Children’s Museum searched its collection and chose 100 of the most iconic objects that have defined American childhood in the last century. Everyone has a story to share about their favorite toys, whether it’s finding a high-demand Cabbage Patch Doll ® in the ‘80s, waging battles with toy soldiers in the ‘60s, or collecting Beanie Babies ® in the ‘90s.

After over 20,000 votes, our online visitors chose the below toys as the Top 20 toys that define our childhood. Beginning on Tuesday, September 11, these 20 toys will be featured in a special display at the museum, alongside selected stories from the over 600 submissions received.

While the Top 20 toys have been chosen, there’s still time to rank the toys! Until September 7th, voting will remain open for the Top 20 toys, allowing you to decide which will win the Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Ball only got enough votes to place 57th. Come on people, someone seriously dropped the ball on this one!

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