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Unipo Fright Night Figures by UNKL


UniPo Fright Night 

I found these just in time for next Halloween, some crazy scary figures from UNKL, Unipo Fright Night Figures.

Clockwise from top left:Figure 1: Ever watched a NASCAR race start to finish? This guy has. He even wears a diaper so he doesn't have to get up and risk missing Jeff Gordon's photo finish. Figure 2: Two-timing. Two-toned. Two-faced. Figure 3: Avid proponent of the piano key neck tie and the tuxedo t-shirt (the skeleton). Figure 4: He's a bat, not a rat or a squirrel. He maintains a steady diet of gummy worms, and he's a little on the tubby side because of it.

These figures are 2 inches tall (5 cm) and are available as a set of four.

Fright Night - Blu-ray Fright Night - Blu-ray Jetzt bieten

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