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The Best Way to Launch a Rocket: Ultra Stomp Rocket

Ultra Stomp Rocket

There has been a revolutionary breakthrough in the world; people have combined physics and fun. The result has been the Ultra Stomp Rocket! It is the best thing ever! All you have to do is, stomp on a launch pad to send a rocket up to 200 feet in the air! The best part is, that it does not require any batteries or chemicals. The rocket is just operated by the human powered air. The Ultra Stomp Rocket is also very educational; teachers around the world use it to demonstrate principles of physics such as, force, motion, and trajectory. With four foamed tipped rockets, the Ultra Stomp Rocket is fun for the whole family! The rocket has a very easy set up, so you get more time to play. The Ultra Stomp Rocket has also won multiple awards, and the iParenting Media Award for Best Product. So, go out and get yourself a blastin' amount of fun.

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