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The Malevolence LEGO Star Wars Set

The Malevolence LEGO Star Wars set is a product of the LEGO group which is a private company located in Billund, Denmark. The aim of the company is to produce childrens' toys which will enrich their knowledge and creativity through playing and learning. LEGO brick is the company's famous product. Based on this there are toys and teaching materials which are made available in more than hundred and thirty countries. No wonder it is in only in the third place in manufacturing of play materials.

The Malevolence LEGO Star Wars is a set which includes General Grievous' first flagship named Malevolence. The addition of two exclusive minifigures, the Battle Droid Commander and Senator Padme makes the game more interesting and sought after. The set comprises of a transport train with a cargo bay, twin quick-fire missile launchers and four more minifigures Anakin Skywalker, General Grievous, Count Dooku, and Battle Droid along with the two exculsive minifigures. Weapons that come with the toy make the children simulate a fight and thereby satisfy their fighting tendency in real.

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