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Robotic Balls! The Robots Are Taking Over Everywhere!


Are you looking for a more interactive application for your smartphone and tablet? Do you want a new game and toy concept that you can enjoy playing with your kids? Check out the all new Sphero Robotic Ball. This is a robotic ball gaming device that can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is tilt, touch or swing your smartphone or tablet and this robotic ball will also move. This is the start of the fusion between the virtual gaming world and the real world.

What is the Sphero Robotic Ball?

Sphero is made by Orbotix. Their goal is to push the boundaries of technology and blend reality and the virtual world together. With that idea, they came up with Sphero Robotic Ball. They believe that this is the future of gaming and entertainment. With their skills and knowledge in robotics and software, they were able to come up with a robotic ball that you can control and play with your tablet or smartphone.

This virtual and physical gadget is very popular because there are so many games that you can play with it. This amazing robotic ball currently has 20 free apps for it on Android and iOS devices. You can play augmented reality games such as Sharky the Beaver and Rolling Dead. In Sharky the Beaver, the robotic ball can be seen as the animated character Sharky on your screen and it can run around or jump up to attention. The Rolling Dead is a zombie game where Sphero is being attacked by zombies and you can shoot fireballs while rolling around the floor. You can draw a shape or an object on your tablet and Sphero will follow the direction of your drawings.

orbotix sphero robotic ball zombies

What Can You Do With It?

It is playable outdoors and indoors since it is waterproof and it is sturdy for such a small ball. You can even step on it and it won't break. Your dog might even take a playful bite on this ball and it won't even have a dent. It can also roll on uneven surfaces such as grass and gravel. This is a robotic ball that can be played anywhere and it is very durable.

Kids can easily get the hang of controlling Sphero. Within minutes, your children can have these robotic balls rolling speedily on the floor. Sphero can go as fast as 3 feet per second under the best conditions. Now that is pretty fast for a toy.

Sphero comes with an inductive charger. It takes 3 hours for the ball to be fully charged and it can be played for over an hour for one single charge. Upon seeing the charger and the ball, you will notice that there is no port to connect the two. This means that the ball is completely sealed and you only find out that it is charging when the dock is blinking and turns completely blue when fully charged.

What Do People Who've Already Bought an Orbotix Sphero Say?

Now let us look at what the consumers think about this high-tech robotic ball from Orbotix. One satisfied owner of a Sphero ball says that he had a great time programming the ball. Another reviewer says he had a great time walking around the house with Sphero rolling around him. He has a dog that chases the robotic ball around and he took a video of that hilarious scene. He says he can't wait to download more apps for his robotic ball. There are some reviewers who were not satisfied with the robotic ball. One guy says that it was only fun to play for just a couple of hours and that it was completely overpriced. He added that it was a nice toy but it is not worth the high price.

What Else Should You Know About the Sphero Robotic Ball?

Some people say that it is too expensive and some say that it is worth every cent. Reviewers say that the price might be too high for such a small robotic ball. Another downside for the robotic ball is that it would not be a good idea to have it bouncing down the stairs. It can roll through uneven surfaces and it can even go to the pool, but it cannot bounce down the stairs.

So is it recommendable? Sphero Robotic Ball is a very interesting concept and it was really well made. If you are not easily bored with this kind of game, then you should check out more information on the internet and try it out. You could just listen to it roll back and forth across your hardwood floor in front of you while you try to achieve a Zen-like state. If you enjoy annoying/entertaining your dog or cat (or even a small child), then this is probably a viable option for you. If you just enjoy remotely controlling things, this is for you. It's a wheel that goes in all directions, you don't need a reverse. No more crashing or tipping over. For some, that is enough bonus, but this gadget does so much more than just that. The interactive apps provide even more entertainment if you want to go virtual as well.

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