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Retro Robot Goes Even More Retro with Cubebot

Can't find the perfect toy that is considered safe, non-toxic, and creative? Well, with Cubebot, all these aspects and more are covered. Many children are fan of robot toys and with Cubebot's kumiki-styled body; they can create their robot then play with it and after that unfold it to its original form. For those unfamiliar with the word, kumiki, it is a Japanese word that means "to connect wood together". So, for parents who are worrying about the non-toxicity of the toys that they want their children to receive, Cubebot is an ideal option. It is made from Cherry wood that can fold to a precise 2.5-inch cubic formation when at rest and unfolds to its robotic shape featuring 9.25-inch arm span and 6.75-inch height. In addition, you won't need to buy any batteries at all so you will definitely save some cash here. However, this is not a toy advisable for children aged below three years. Check here for latest price.

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