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Nintendo Fans: Reboot Your Old Game System


Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System giving a new meaning to entertainment. Nintendo released their game systems on an unsuspecting world in the late 80's, early 90's and sold millions of game cartridges. Maybe even billions? I'm way too lazy to count that high. Do you have an old broken Nintendo or Super Nintendo gaming system and a bunch of old game cartridges just collecting dust? Well blow out your cartridges because now you can use them again. Even if you don't have your old cartridges and are a Nintendo fan, check this portable game system out.

The Background Regarding the Amazing Game System

The Retro Duo is a popular video game clone. It's a portable gaming system as small as a game controller, yet packing all the power of a full gaming system. The master minds behind this video game are Retro bit. The distribution has been carried by Innex. The video game has a 16 bit and 8 bit version. The great thing is gamers can play cartridges for Super NES and Nintendo Entertainment System.

Benefits of Retro Duo and the Reasons for its Popularity

The major advantages of the game are stated as follows
· Retro duo has compatibility with other clone systems.
· The design of the game is sleek and slim. It would definitely save that extra space.
· One would not have to face any delays with the game because it has air vents that prevent the overheating of the system.
· Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System can easily be hooked to the TV system and one can have a great time playing.
· The game system is portable and one can even take it along while traveling with ease.
· One can play the game for a period of 8 hours altogether on a single charge.

Product Features

· The game device has reinforced cartridge doors.
· The game device has a slide proof bottom support.
· Retro Duo has a compatibility with 16 bit controllers.
· The system has an instruction manual, AC adapter, AV/S video cable and has two controllers.


The product is easily available at a cost of around $90. The shipping facility is easily available even outside the US. The advantage of buying the game from your computer is that one can easily order the game system. One can have a critical look at the product and evaluate it well. Besides if one takes the children to the stores to buy the game system (for yourself) there is always a fear that the kid would force the parents to buy multiple toys and the parents will end up spending a lot more than they initially thought. The game is available with a 90 days warranty that includes full repair and replacement.

Retro Duo Customer Reviews and Opinions

Users have admired the controllers and the compatibility game system the most. People have also admired the screen color adjustments and they can reduce the brightness as per their liking at their convenience. Another advantage that has been widely acclaimed is that it can play both NES and SNES cartridges. The build quality is impressive and that is something that every genuine customer looks for. Moreover the SNES like pads perform in a decent way. The game is a convenient solution, as stated by most of the customers, and the price is within the affordability range as well. The best part is that the game can play a wide range of titles.

The Slight Drawbacks

Some customers have figured out some flaws in the Retro Duo Game System as well. Out-of-tune sound, graphical glitches and speed differences are some of the most commonly reported occasional issues. If one wants to play the Famicom titles he would need a 60-pin to 72-pin pass-through converter.

The General Opinion

The number of benefits is definitely more than the number of flaws. One is getting great entertainment. If the manufacturers do remove the small flaws that would contribute to the overall quality of the product and the customer satisfaction level would be increased. If the customer satisfaction was increased it will contribute to the sales of the game system.

For Your Consideration

Mediate on it and once one has the adequate awareness he can judge the product in a better light. Do you want this? Do you need this? If you want to play your old Nintendo or Super Nintendo games again or are still playing them and want to take your games with you, buying this is a no brainer. Further more, manuals are given for your convenience if you should need to read them when using the game. If you are accustomed with playing the game you can enjoy playing it more all over again on a new screen. All the online reviews give one an overall positive view point regarding the game. Another piece of advice is that one should watch the online videos as well regarding the product as they deliver a detailed insight regarding the product.

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