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Playmobil Airport Toys

Playmobil has always been a favorite of mine. As I little kid I used to have the wild West stagecoach and cowboy set. Which apparently they don't sell anymore, but I could probably find it oneBay no doubt. But now in this ultra-modern age, air travel is the new wild West. You can fly in on your Playmobil Jet Plane:

Playmobil Jet Plane


Playmobil Private Jet


PLAYMOBIL Cargo and Passenger Aircraft


Multi Air Transport Set (C)

Multi Air Transport Set And arrive at the Playmobil Airline Terminal Playmobil Airline Terminal And try to get through Security Checkpoint without getting strip searched! Playmobil Security Check Point That's one reason I love Playmobil. They make a play-set for just about anything under the sun. The variety is amazing.

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