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Perplexus Epic – An Epic Game

perplexus epic

If you think you have mastered the original Rookie Perplexus 3D puzzle maze, here comes the brand new Perplexus Epic. With much improvement from the previous Perplexus games, The Epic has been masterfully developed in to an interesting with amazing additional features. This enticing game lets you navigate the included tracks with a steel ball right through 125 barriers of different difficulty levels while trying to defy gravity at the same time.

The included gnarly turns, twists and barriers provide hours of interesting but challenging three dimensional fun that can be found nowhere else other than The Epic itself. Weighing 0.9 pounds with dimensions of about 8.6x8.6x6.3, this device completes the requirements of a perfect portable game.

Perplexus Epic product features that make it unique include: High portability since it's all one piece and does not have loose features. Easy to understand with varying levels of challenges. Aids in improvement of the spatial relations as well as hand-eye coordination. Greatly improves development of dexterity as well as motor skills. Many play options which include twisting, turning and flipping the sphere in order to solve the puzzle.

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