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Rabbbit by Ron English

This cool soft vinyl toy is by subversive artist Ron English. His work as been popularized in the movie Super Size Me, you might have seen some of it there. This three eyed colorful rabbit is cute, yet slightly disturbing with it’s extra and odd features. Standing at 9 inches[…]

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Mugen Putiputi Bubblewrap Popping Toy

The ultimate bubble wrap pop toy is finally available in an environmentally friendly re-usable cool toy form from Japan. This is a great toy for any of those bubble wrap popping fiends…err…friends in your life. They can pop all they want to feed their addiction. I would have loved this[…]

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Gundam Marker Weathering Set

Here is a unique product I stumbled across, a Gundam Marker Weathering Set. Useful with adding custom wear and tear on your Gundam model kits or any other kit you might need to add battle damage or dirt to. Colors include Mud Brown, Soot Black, Rust Red, Sand Brown, Burnt[…]

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Revoltech Rei Ayanami

I’ll start off this cool toys blog with something from my all time favorite Japanese anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The mysterious and beautiful Rei Ayanami super posable action figure. This new figure from Revoltech looks amazing. The details are perfect with Rei Ayanami in her pilot suit. The good[…]

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