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Pink Face Bank

    This is probably the oddest piggy bank I’ve seen in awhile. It’s just a wedge shape with a face on the front where you stick in your money to save up for that next cool toy purchase. As you can see in this video, it actually eats your[…]

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Astroboy in Color and Vinyl

Old school hero Astroboy in probably the cutest toy version you could possibly wish for. This figure is 2.75 (7cm) tall. So its uber-cute in a small form factor. They run this Japanese anime of Astroboy episodes on Adultswim super early in the mornings now…which is super cool if you[…]

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Cool Halo Master Chief Action Figures

Master Chief is represented in real 3D with these Halo action figures that look pretty good and rugged like the characters they represent. Perfect to kick some Covenant butt since this range of figures covers all the aliens and variations of human soldier characters and color of armor as well.[…]

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