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Beware! These Can Bring Undesired Advances from Cats

Scientific progress has led to many magical innovations. A product can just amaze and fill the mind with wonder. Or be totally disregarded. There are products that serve a general purpose and products that are specific to a very narrow niche. One often wants that amazing and out of the box approach on special occasions like Halloween or other special occasions or when just having fun. If a person wants to wear an animal tail or ears the detriment has always been that it is one cannot imitate the movements of the tail or ears in a realistic way. Animal costumes, or peoples heads in general, have had to live with this handicap for eons. However science and technology has found a solution to that as well. The answer to the problem is Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears. The interesting aspect about these ears is that they move according to the thoughts wandering inside the recesses of the human mind.


The making of this wonder

This idea was generated by the masterminds of Tokyo. The design took place in the Silicon Valley. These ears basically use brainwave technology. One just has to slip on the headset and then the ears start to move in sync with the human thoughts. If something is eye catching and the person's attention is diverted towards that the ears would perk up at that moment. If a person is in an enjoyable mood the ears will start to wiggle. Moreover if a person is in a relaxed mood the ears will also tend to relax.


The Product Specifications:

· The ears depict human emotions just like a real cat.
· They can be used by people who love animals. However the people should be adults or above 14 years of age.
· The technology used by this product is trusted by more than 400 countries.
· The product weighs about 10 ounces.
· The headset comes with a white pair of ears. (Other styles available)
· The ears support four movements. They can perk up and wiggle. The ears can be down. The ears can be perked up. They can wiggle on their own as well.
· The product runs on 4AAA batteries. However, the battery does not come included.

The Working Mechanism

The neurons are fired in the brain. The electrical pulses are given off that are read by the forehead sensor. The brainwave data is captured by the headset and Attention & Meditation Algorithm is used to interpret it. Finally the mental state translates into the appropriate ear movements. Simple cat science for the real world.

The Amazing Aspects People Admire and Customer Reviews

Most of the customers like the fascinating concept behind these wonderful ears. People have different natures and personalities. People who are bold by nature prefer to depict their thoughts opening. Moreover these ears speak out the mind. If you are an extroverted cat lover, these would be perfect for you. Therefore this is one reason for the much talked about acclaim. Moreover some people have this unique fascination about cats. They admire the majestic approach of the cats and want to incorporate the legacy in their life as well. Therefore this product goes well with people having this perspective as well. The cost factor has also contributed to the demand. The product is available at a highly affordable rate. This is definitely a good bargain for those who prefer an economical solution for fun.


The Right Place to Buy

It is very significant to opt for reliable name when buying a product. The best answer is online. Firstly one can easily order the product online instead of running from shop to shop. One can get a detailed insight on customer reviews and actually find out what people are thinking about the product. Moreover the product is available at a minor cost of about $70. They might offer completely free shipping. The order is delivered within 5 to 8 business days.

Some Things You Should Be Aware of with Your New Cat Ears

The product needs a bit more refinement. That is why the comfort aspect is an issue for some of the individuals as its adjustment becomes a bit difficult depending upon varying head shapes and sizes. Also after consuming one or two batteries the ears tend to heat up. The battery is located on the left hand side of the ear band so that side feels a bit heavy. A solution needs to be discovered for this issue as well.

The Final Verdict

Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears are a recommendable product to bring about pleasant and leisure time in one's life. Everything has its flaws, but if the benefits are more the product is worth the value. Therefore the cat ears can be termed as a good innovation because they give one pleasure and joy. Does it make you something more than human? Yes, yes it does. Maybe it makes you cute. Maybe it makes you dangerous. A cat cyborg out for some Fancy Feasting. Who knows. I can't read your mind, but your new cat ears can. And they will speak for you. Perhaps now your cat will finally listen to you. Or at least pay more attention.

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