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Mugen Soybeans New Flavors

These very popular Japanese soybean toys have been out for awhile, but now you can get them in 2 extra flavors besides standard green. Uhmm, not meant to be eaten by the way if you need a disclaimer. You play with them, over and over again, much like the Mugen Puti Puti infinite bubble wrap.

Mugen-Soybeans---sweat-pota  Mugen-Soybeans---Mint

Rare Type!? Mugen Soybeans - Mint (blue)


Rare Type!? Mugen Soybeans - Sweet Potato (red)

How do you use them?

You push the beans up out of the pod, over and over again.

Why would you use them?

Why would you even ask this question? You push the beans out of the pod before the beans push you! That is if you are paranoid. If you have a more average personality type, then it could be used as a repetitive action stress reliever.

The feel of the beans pushing out of the pod between your fingers is a heavenly sensation. Meant only for bean farmers and as a reward for fallen heroes in the Elysian Plains. Now this rare sensation can be yours!


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