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Mugen Peri Peri – Rip it Good!


All the cool cardboard envelopes have those perforated tabs that you can grab a hold of and tear open with wild abandon. I constantly waste hundreds of dollars every year mailing myself refrigerator magnets from my own fridge just so I can experience the sensation of tearing open these envelopes!

I love the sound and feel of the cardboard giving away one little section at a time, one after the other. I am filled with glee and a deep sense of satisfaction every time I tear into an envelope. Not to mention being able to stick my Kitten Thinks Of Nothing But Murder All Day magnet from The Onion Store back on my fridge.

No longer will I have to suffer the indignation of my addiction!

That is not after Nov. 25th when these amazing Mugen Periperi toys come out. They simulate the sound and feel of opening cardboard envelope tabs. And you can repeat this exquisite sensation over and over again without destroying an incredible amount of envelopes! Now that's good for the environment and fun at the same time. Also comes in a blue color.

If you like this toy, you also might be a fan of constantly popping soybeans or bubble wrap.

Here is the video for the Peri Peri, which is enjoyable on a whole different level:

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