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It’s Summer and that Means the Water War has Started Again

When it gets warm out, tempers start to flair, fights start and before you know it there is a full scale war going on in your yard. The heat ignites a full scale conflagration that quickly gets out of hand. A water war of course. Everyone needs to cool off somehow. Water balloon bombs. Squirt guns. If it can fling water at someone, its going to be used.

Supersoaker Shotblast Water Blaster w/Scope Value Pack - Blue (Toy)

Don't get left out of the fight and get yourself well armed with something like this Supersoaker Shotblast, that works up to 25 feet. You seriously don't want to be the one without a gun in a water fight. Are you going to fill up a dixie cup with water and fling it at people? Give me a break. You wouldn't even get close to your opponent armed with this squirt gun. You'll be wetter than a fish.

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