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Go Go Godzilla Mini Plush!


Probably the most destructive creature ever known, born from an atomic blast and creating a swath of despair and dismay to Tokyo architectural engineers and any building inhabitants therein. Godzilla indiscriminately destroys Japan while he battles his foes with his huge claws, whip-like tail and fiery breath. All fear his destructive might.

Now Godzilla is available in cute mini plush form! At only 6” inches tall (15cm) Godzilla is transformed from feared giant atomic lizard to a soft cuddly friend! Hug and squeeze this soft squishy monster with all your might and he’ll love you back with a ferocity only matched by his tiny soft cuteness!

Stick your finger in his menacing jaws and you will be delighted with the soft sensations you receive back from his fabric like teeth and soft fuzzy tongue. No one can resist squeezing his soft belly and tail.

Shove Godzilla in your friends faces and watch them squeal in delight at how cute this deadly monster is! He’ll ride on your shoulder and protect you from depressed people as he turns their frowns upside down into toothy grins at his mini plush form.

Mini Plush Godzilla! Scary cute!

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