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Bored with Real Life? Augment Your Reality with this Toy

If you are looking for some unique fun time by playing games, you may want to check out the AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag. If you have a smartphone, love gaming and don't want to spend too much on the expensive gaming consoles, AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag is the gadget for you. This is a good way to use your smartphone besides the obvious and more traditional ways. This could be the opportunity you've been waiting for to get up and exercise instead of sitting around like a lump just staring into your smartphone crafting elaborate To-Do lists for your cat. Stop being your cat's unpaid secretary and start shooting virtual things like the virtual boy or girl that you are.


What is this AppTag and What Can You Do With It?

We are going to enter the era of augmented reality. There are several games that are based on this principle and taking the opportunity, AppTag brings in some cool augmented reality games for the gamers. That is precisely why; the gadget has become so popular. The gadget is compatible with both Android and iOS and the user just requires a port. It's fun to play with this device as it takes you into the virtual world. The players can chose any place where they want to get into the augmented reality world and start playing right ahead. All the scores are kept via Wi-Fi, thus making the process much faster.

The new Augmented Reality Interface ensures that a gamer gets a full experience of the awesome technology that is being modified each day by big players in the gaming industry. Here is a list of the specifications of the AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag:


Age Group: For 8 years olds and up
Game Feature: Has to be enabled for laser tag assist features
Gaming Device:Smartphone; both Android and iOS platforms
Genre and Modes of Games:

  • Laser tag - Multiplayer games
  • First person shooter games
  • Missions like capture the flag
  • Arcade mode

Participants: Single player, multiplayer, team games all in augmented reality provided that all the players are using the same technology.
Scoring and Records: Scores are stored via Wi-Fi which makes it faster.
Game Resources: Just like the other console games resources can be picked. Resources include health kits, ammunitions, armor, weapon, bonus etc.
Additional Devices: No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices are required for AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag to get connected with the Android or iOS device.
Value Additions: As the jack for headphones is not being used during the game, the sound devices, i.e. speaker and microphone can be used to enhance in-game sound effects and value addition features such as communications among the players.

Tell Me More About These Lasers

The AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag is not a typical gadget that is supposed to go away from the market soon. The technology used behind this piece of machine is amazing. The device combines IR-based laser tag with the newly introduced augmented reality. An application in the smartphone is required for combining the unique hardware and software features and that is it. The phone is turned into a heads up display during multiplayer gaming or it just becomes an Augmented Reality Window while playing single player games.

Let's Get Technical

The main difference between AppTag and similar products in the market is how the device (pistol) establishes communication with the smartphone. Rather than using radio signals or Bluetooth, it communicates with the phone with a laser beam which high in frequency and requires no pairing. That, along with the augmented reality app, makes the gadget a plug and play device. AppTag's pistol grip is removable which is attached to the device by a rail mount. The device is getting more popular each day as it is providing cool games as well as allowing developers to build new features and games. The gadget can be pre-ordered at $59. Shipping will take 4-6 weeks before you lay your hands on the device. However, it is better to take a look into some feature videos on YouTube before ordering. Although, sites like Engadget and ThinkGeek have provided solid reviews for the product, it is always better to know for yourself.

The Tagging Truth

There are however, complains about the product as well. For example, a customer who bought this product from wrote, "in the instructions it indicates you need to be at least 2 meters apart. If you are playing a game less than 2 meters apart there will be interference between the guns..." My suggestion is, we need to keep our minds open for the time being. This is a first generation product and has a lot of room for improvement. Only time will say what entertainment it will provide us in near future.

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