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Evil Little Mini Cat Figures

Mini Cat Figures

Cats. Some people hate them. Some people loathe them. Let's face it, no one really likes a cat. The greatest cat fiend of all is Hello Kitty.

Cats warp your mind with their cute purring sounds they make and their silly antics. Without these things, no one would want a cat. The way they rub against you with their soft fuzzy fur only makes you want them more. In reality they are just wiping their cat snot on you.

They do these things to win you over. To get you addicted to their invisible bicycles and cookies. Hypnotizing you with their cat eyes. This way they know they can get a free pass to sleep on your face at night or ruin your furniture with their sharp little cat claws.

Feed your addiction to cats with this assorted set of mini cats. Cats in small doses is the best way. The only way to fight off the addiction that is cats. I know you can't resist these cute little cat figures. The cats have you addicted to them. Meow.

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