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Domo-kun Vinyl Figure

Anybody who knows me, knows I have deep feelings for Domo-kun. Deep unresolved feelings that make other people uncomfortable. But Domo-kun understands me. After all this Domo-kun plush is the only plush doll I will admit to owning. Any other plush dolls you might see belong to someone else. Seriously.

Take a look at this Domo-kun clip and tell me you don't like him:

Now you are Domo-kun freak too.

This Domo-kun figure isn't a plush though. Its a vinyl figure. 8 inches (20cm) tall, covered with a soft flock material. Yes, that's right. A hard plastic center covered in a soft and rich chocolate color material. Rub it and love it. See how you like it?

This thing is limited edition too. Only 1500 pieces for the original figure. The other colors are even more limited in number. What, what you say? Yes! Domo-kun in other colors? What colors you ask? I will tell you, but I'm not responsible for any color induced strokes or heart attacks.

Check out Domo-kun in Polar White here. Domo-kun the Yeti! Only 500 pieces worldwide.

Check out Domo-kun in Fuchsia here. Yes, fuchsia...can you deal with it? Reminds me of the comfort of a 70's velour V-neck shirt. Only 500 pieces worldwide.

Check out Domo-kun in Royal Blue here. Domo-kun royalty! Only 250 pieces worldwide.

I am tripping out. What about you?

Domo-Kun (Series 5) Red White Heart Qee Figure 22-560 Domo-Kun (Series 5) Red White Heart Qee Figure 22-560 Buy It Now


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