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Domo-kun Plush Keychain

Domo-kun Plush Keychain

You have a set of keys. They sit on your dresser. Their stuffed in your pocket or purse. They hang from your car's ignition. They hang from your front door after you rush to the bathroom after getting home because you really, really had to pee.

Your keys are hard metallic pegs that rub up against each other, over and over again. Jangling or jingling when you shake them. You stick them in things. (Hopefully not electrical outlets or your nose.) You throw them down on the counter. You wrestle them away from your friends who are trying to drive drunk or trying to open your secret diary. What is missing from your key's life?


This soft plushie character will take the roughness out of your key's life. Let Domo-kun rub against your keys or guard them from the cat at night.

This keychain accessory measures 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) tall and looks like Domo-kun is covered in a sickly green algae. This is to prevent anyone from licking Domo-kun. Personally I would have preferred him in his original brown coat, but this is a necessary safety measure.

You choose which Domo-kun you want by the strap color [see image]. All Domo-kuns are algae green, the straps are just different for each pose. Red for regular Domo-kun. Green for lazy Domo-kun. Blue for angry Domo-kun. And yellow (my personal favorite) sleeping Domo-kun. To me it looks like Domo-kun is having a temper tantrum or constipated.

If you have keys, let them rub against a soft plush Domo-kun. It's the right thing to do.

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