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Customize your Keys with Gama-Go Keytars and Quir-Keys

 Gama-Go Keytars Gama-Go Quir-Keys

Nothing is worse than stumbling in the dark searching for the right key to your door. Or more than likely coming out of your dark room into the blinding light of the sun trying to figure out which key it was that goes with your car or bicycle lock after a marathon session of Rock Band 2.

Now you can customize your keys with six different key covers from Gama-Go. Rocking guitar Keytars or Quir-Keys owls.

I’m just thinking possible taglines could be:

  • Give a hoot, make your keys cute.
  • Keytar heaven, it goes to eleven.
  • Dude, your keys look like little guitars! Whoa!

Uhm, yeah, that’s all I got…guitar keys would look cool to impress your friends. The owls would be good for kids I think or mom’s who like owls. I know what a certain mom is getting for her birthday now.

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