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Chameleon USB Desk Toy

Chameleon USB Desk Toy

This is a toy for your computer. Plug this fun and friendly chameleon into your USB port and arrange him (or her) anywhere on your desktop or laptop monitor. The eyes and tongue move in "true lifelike fashion" (aka like a plastic chameleon with weird movable eyes and tongue.) Available in a choice of three colors - Light Green, Blue or Orange. System requirement: A personal computer with a USB port. This product is compatible with any OS.

In the summer time (like now) there is always that one fly that sneaks in the house and buzzes around my lighted computer screen, like its a portal to fly nirvana. If fly nirvana looked like a weird Hello Kitty collage on my desktop. With one of these chameleons, fly nirvana would definitely transform into fly hell, keeping them away! A cool toy you really need.

Chameleons on eBay:

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