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Big Totoro Plush Doll

There are tons of nice big Totoro plush dolls to hug and squeeze and love with all your might. Click here to see them all.

As you can see they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. By shapes though, I mean fat, round and soft only. From different shades of grey and blue or smiling or what I like to call Totoro's nonchalant look. The size can vary a lot though. You can get Totoro all the way from a keychain size, 6", 12", 16", etc all the up to a giant sized Totoro.

Big Totoro Plush Doll

My Neighbor Totoro is one of my favorite Japanese anime films. Probably my favorite Studio Ghibli film as well. So I find this big round Totoro plush doll to be extremely comforting in a magical giant animal sort of way. This rotund plush Totoro measures in at around 22 in. (55cm) so although he is big enough to rest your head on, you won't be able to lay all over him like in the movie.

Here is a whole family of Totoro in all sizes. Something makes me want to just squeeze this plushie over and over again, in a good way.

Plush dolls have become part of everyday life for many people and are popular among both adults and children. From the living rooms to the bedrooms, and nowadays even the office, you will find different designs of plushies. People attach varied importance to each toy and some have specific arrangements for them. One of the most popular dolls is the Totoro plush, which is inspired by the Japanese film maker Hayao Mizaki. It is important to look at its history, reasons for its popularity, where you can order it and at what cost.

The Story Behind My Neighbor Totoro

When Japanese film maker Hayao Mizaki wrote and directed My Neighbor Totoro in 1988, he might not have expected that the animated fantasy movie would have a lasting impression among plush lovers. He based his story on friendly interactions between two daughters of a professor and some wood spirits in a remote area of postwar Japan. The setting is in 1958 when Tasuo Tusukabe and his two young children, Mei and Satsuki relocate into a rural house next to the hospital his wife, Yasuko, is being treated after a long illness.

The kids would later find out that their new house is inhabited by susuwatari, small and dark dustlike spirits that could only be seen when moving from the light into a dark area. Due to interference by the new tenants, the spirits had to drift away in search of a new habitation. Incidentally, Mei would go on to discover some two white spirits, with ears like those of a rabbit, next to the house. She follows them through a briar patch and finds herself in a hollow of a camphor tree, surrounded by roaring multitudes of the same spirits. Mei would mispronounce the word troll, and say totoro, thus the name. From there, the children create a constructive friendship with the spirits, which prove helpful in times of difficulties. The camaraderie leads to a special ending, which I wont spoil here.

The film proved popular in the animations category and went on to win several awards, including the Anime Grand Prize. It would also be part of the entertainment menu on the transpacific Japanese Airlines. Disney would make a reproduction of the same in 2006 with great success, and reviews gave it a 90% acclamation.

Reviews by leading newspapers gave notable approvals, helping to raise the ratings of the character Totoro. The Financial Times wrote "Totoro is more genuinely loved than Mickey Mouse could hope to be in his wildest—not nearly so beautifully illustrated—fantasies."

Later, merchandise of the character started coming out and were used to promote environmental conservation. This was due to the powerful attachment that the Japanese have on rural life, as portrayed in My Neighbor Totoro. Large mascots of the character have been used severally in such campaigns. Official sales of dolls and paintings of Totoro plush started in 2008.

totoro plush 9 inchMy Neighbor Totoro 9" tall gray Totoro Plush

The emotive aspect in the film, of how children handle adversity, has also made Totoro plush dolls the object of attention in raising funds to help build Japanese enterprises during difficult times. Some sales are geared towards promoting the arts too. These efforts have been largely fruitful as evidenced by the Totoro Hometown Fund Campaign that was set up in 1990 to promote environmental consciousness in Japan, among other initiatives.

Getting Your Own Totoro Plush

The Totoro Plush can be bought online. The most notable sites where you can place an order are and They have a window for refund or exchange, given that you make the request within a given period normally seven days. Most customer feedbacks are positive, commending the shipping process and the short time it takes to deliver.

Totoro Double Bed Totoro Sleeping BagThe Ultimate Totoro Plush: Totoro Bed

A few exceptions of customer complaints have been received on the quality of the product. This is attributed to bogus traders who make counterfeits, especially outside Japan. Their final product looks alien to the character in the film, and the fabrics used are substandard. You may end up having tats in the place of a doll. If you order it from a reliable store, you should not have this problem though. You should look out for authorized Japanese dealers to get excellent soft fabric items, with part of the proceeds going towards conservation. Totoro makes a wonderful neighbor, always reminding me of my obligations for my surroundings.

Totoro: 12" Smiling Dark Gray TotoroTotoro: 12" Smiling Dark Gray Totoro

Below are what some customer have said:

"It took a really long time to get, but it was definitely worth it for the cost and the quality." Erin T, Chicago, USA.

"The package and item looks good. Thanks for the deals." Miguel G, Ontario, Canada.

Click here to Order Your Own Official Totoro Plush


Download Totoro Wallpapers. Like or share to unlock.

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