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App Magnets – Make Believe iPhone Buttons for Everyone

As no one has bought me a real life iPhone yet, so I must wile away my time pretending I have one attached to my refrigerator with these App Magnets. My iPhone is as big as a fridge!

Everyone loves playing with magnets. After all, magnets are the most 'magical' toy of them all. These App Magnets make you want to push them. They are magnets and make-believe buttons! Pushing buttons is another all time favorite play activity. These App Magnets combine the best of both of these worlds.

You get 18 colorful magnets designed just like the standard Apple iPhone/iPod buttons.

Plus they force you to use your imagination. If you want to adjust the settings on your fridge, first you have to push the "System Preferences" app magnet. If you want to see if your homemade popsicle is frozen yet, you have to push the "Weather" button before opening the door. If you want to open the fridge and stare aimlessly at what you have in there then closing it again, you push the "Youtube TV" button.

But of course the advantage of these things are you can stick them anywhere they let you, besides the fridge. These App Magnets don't like every surface you try them on. I tried the cat. They didn't stick. I tried the wall. They didn't stick. I tried the lamp. Miraculously it stuck!

From what I can determine they prefer hard surfaces over other things. Usually made of some sort of metal. If I didn't know better, I think I've discovered something to write a scientific paper about. If you enjoy these App Magnets, then here are a whole lot more of these magical magnet toys and gadgets to play with.

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